Successful brand launch event in China

HERA marked the beginning of its global expansion with a successful brand launch event in China on July 15. Over 250 guests including brand model Jun Ji-hyun, members of the Chinese mainstream media and VIPs came to the launch event held at Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing to celebrate HERA's global debut. A video of HERA's best-selling products such as CELL ESSENCE and UV MIST CUSHION along with a performance portraying SEOULISTA, the muse for HERA, drew admiration from guests. Jun Ji-hyun took center stage through a flurry of flashlights as she appeared from behind the screen while the brand movie was being shown. "I am glad to be here at an event to celebrate the launch of HERA in China. I hope that the beauty of Korean women spreads across the whole world through HERA", said Jun Ji-hyun. HERA's high sales record was also remarkable, proving its great popularity in China. According to SKP officials, HERA's first Chinese store in SKP ranks top for sales among all cosmetics brands available in SKP on July 16. Its remarkable sales performance follows the brand launch event. SKP has never seen a new brand taking the No.1 spot in sales so soon, noting that this was a great example of HERA's power and the real presence of K-beauty. Starting with renowned SKP and Hanguang Department Store in Beijing, China in July, HERA will open stores in luxury department stores in China to lead Asian beauty trends as a global beauty brand representing Asia with its own innovative products for youthful flawless skin, including UV MIST CUSHION, ROUGE HOLIC and CELL ESSENCE. HERA's muse - SEOULISTA Korean women fascinate the world with confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty; SEOULISTA is a new future beauty icon, rivalling Parisienne and New Yorker. SEOULISTA is a muse that embodies HERA's Exceptional Beauty from Seoul. She is a beautiful representation of Korea and a beauty icon that creates and fosters a differentiated culture of beauty, which goes beyond beauty brands. HERA delivers the special beauty and value of K-beauty around the world through SEOULISTA.



HERA releases UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT in July 2016 for skin that stays fresh, soft and matt all day long, even in the middle of hot summer. On the hot and humid days of summer, women wish for one thing above all: perfect base makeup that lasts long in hot and muggy weather. Newly advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT uses Slip-on Skin Smoothing Powder which has a lower slip coefficient and a highly blendable formula to provide smooth, yet thorough coverage of the pores without giving a stuffy feeling. Silicone Elastomer smoothens the skin's surface, just like a primer does. Another feature is its long wear and sebum control effects for fresh, matt skin in the scorching heat. Sweat Proof System coats the skin with a flexible, yet firm film to ensure long lasting makeup, while Micro Matt Finish Powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed after application. Natural aloe vera extract provides an instant cooling and soothing effect, making it perfect to use in the summer heat. Boost your skin confidence with advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT, the new summer essential for keeping your skin fresh and soft all day long in the sweltering summer heat. New HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT will be available at HERA counters in department stores nationwide from July. Product description HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT SPF50+ / PA+++ [functional product for brightening / UV protection, Size: 15g*2 / Price: KRW 50,000+] - NO.13 IVORY, NO.17 ROSE VANILLA, NO.21 VANILLA and NO.23 BEIGE A summer cushion foundation for skin that stays soft, fresh and matt all day long even in hot and humid weather


HERA steps into the Chinese luxury beauty market

HERA, acknowledged as a K-beauty leader, made its debut in the Chinese market on July 1 with the opening of its first store in luxury SKP in Beijing, China. HERA has been much loved around the world for its advanced technology and its forward-thinking ideas since its launch in 1995. It now takes center stage as the brand leading the K-beauty trend. China is a gateway to the global market for HERA as it works to spread the passion and distinguishing beauty of Korean women across the globe through SEOULISTA. HERA has already proved its high popularity in the Great China Region with a global DFS popup store launched in Hong Kong last August that expanded into four full-time stores in April 2016. Chinese customers account for 67% of HERA's customers in duty free shops, while its sales in the TR channel in 2015 grew more than 50% over last year. HERA UV MIST CUSHION is riding high in China with over 160,000 views as a single item on one of China's largest online platforms, Taobao. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} HERA's debut in China is expected to spread the beauty and value of Korean women among Chinese customers who are highly interested in Korean beauty techniques and cosmetics, while also helping the brand position itself as a global K-beauty leader representing Seoul and Korea. It will introduce its best sellers, including UV MIST CUSHION which is a cushion foundation that's become a sales sensation with one sold every two seconds in Korea, as well as ROUGE HOLIC that offers colors best for Asian women to create and define beauty trends across Asia. "In pursuit of the ultimate beauty of Korean women, HERA has created its original high-end culture inspired by SEOULISTA to lead K-beauty," said Lee Eun-im, the head of HERA Division. "We believe that our value will surely impress Chinese customers. Our innovative products for Korean women's bright flawless younger-looking skin are set to strengthen our presence as a global beauty brand representing Asia in the Chinese market." HERA will open eight stores in upscale department stores situated in large cities in China. Starting with the first store in SKP in Beijing, China on July 1, the second store will open in Hanguang Department Store on July 28 and six more stores will follow by the end of this year. At the same time, HERA will open a brand website for Chinese customers as part of omni-channel strategy to improve the brand's accessibility both online and offline. The main products of HERA perfect the beauty of SEOULISTA UV MIST CUSHION SPF 50+ / PA+++ [Size: 15g*2 (including refill) / Price: KRW 47,000+] This smart convenient beauty item is essential for SEOULISTA, who boasts skin that glows with dewiness. It lasts up to 12 hours even on hot, humid summer days, providing effective protection against UV rays, as well as brightening effect and rich moisture with a cooling sensation. ROUGE HOLIC [Size: 3g / Price: KRW 35,000+] ROUGH HOLIC with 24 sensual colors, melt-in texture and moisturizing effect is suggestive of SEOULISTA giving inspiration with her brilliant sense of beauty and trend-setting nature. CELL ESSENCE [Size: 150ml / Price: KRW 60,000+] HERA has studied cellular activities and bioactive substances with the belief that the origin of beauty runs in the same vein as the origin of life and the representative outcome of its research is Cell-Bio™ technology. Cell-Bio™ technology is a revolutionary idea that gives a boost to cellular activities with cell-mimicking ingredients to improve the skin and it is applied to HERA CELL ESSENCE and CELL-BIO CREAM. CELL ESSENCE is especially the key to SEOULISTA's youthful bright skin and one of HERA's main skincare items preventing desertification of skin, which accelerates the aging of the skin. HERA's muse - SEOULISTA Who is SEOULISTA? Beauty standards have changed with time, but there has always been an inspiring icon representing the beauty of the day – Parisienne with her free spirit and true sense of art, New Yorker in search of modern pragmatism and Londoner swinging between tradition and funk. Alongside such global icons, a new ultimate beauty icon has emerged. She is more confident and passionate than women around the world. She is a fashionable trend leader who values inner beauty. She is an icon representing the beauty of Asian women and a muse for HERA. She is SEOULISTA. About SEOULISTA SEOULISTA is a Korean woman who stands alongside global trend leaders – Parisienne, New Yorker and Londoner – spreading Korean beauty across the world beyond Asia. The term SEOULISTA was first introduced by HERA and refers to trend-leading Korean women recognized worldwide for their passion and distinguishing beauty.



In May 2016, HERA of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation introduces new upgraded EYE DESIGNER PENCIL for the summer season. .uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898; font-weight:bold;} .detail-list h4{margin-bottom:0;} .library-content .detail-list{font-size:12px; color:#757575;} .detail-list a:hover{text-decoration:none;} @media only all and (max-width:640px){ .detail-list li{padding-bottom:1em;} } New EYE DESIGNER PENCIL offers 10 rich colors for various beautiful eye makeup looks – creamy textured BLACK and BROWN for sharp defined look, full METALLIC BROWN with shimmering pearls, MANNISH GRAY, PACIFIC BLUE, URBAN KHAKI, ROYAL PURPLE, SUEDE BURGUNDY, STARRY IVORY and CLOUDY SKY. It seamlessly blends in with the skin to add depth and yet remain clean without smudging, thanks to its powerful waterproof effect. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivatives and sunflower oil to work mild on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Its transformation from pencil to auto type is astounding. Slim EYE DESIGNER PENCIL uses a sharpener inside to help express exquisite lines. Waterproof auto pencil type EYE DESIGNER PENCIL with rich color for SEOULISTA's gorgeous sharp eye makeup look is available through HERA stores and online from June 2016. Description HERA NEW EYE DESIGNER PENCIL [Size: 0.35 g / Price: KRW 25,000+] A waterproof auto pencil type eyeliner with creamy texture and 10 rich colors for SEOULISTA's beautiful sharp eye makeup look No.1 BLACK / No.2 BROWN / No.3 MANNISH GRAY / No.4 METALLIC BROWN / No.5 PACIFIC BLUE / NO.6 URBAN KHAKI / No.7 ROYAL PURPLE / No.8 SUEDE BURGUNDY / No.9 STARRY IVORY / No.10 CLOUDY SKY



In May when the temperature goes up and the heat of summer really kicks in, many enjoy the beautiful weather outside. There is one item in particular that every woman keeps in their pouch – that is a facial mist. The mist has long become a must-have of women's makeup bag. But, if you have a sensitive skin, you should be careful about using it. In May 2016, HERA launches its special healing mist, RELAXING FACIAL MIST, which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} HERA RELAXING FACIAL MIST refreshes and revitalizes skin that easily dries and feels rough during a busy day to keep it feeling fresh and healthy, anywhere and anytime. Its main ingredient, PACIFEEL™, is extracted from the stem and leaf of Mirabilis Jalapa, helping it gently get absorbed into the skin to soothe and smoothen the skin. It also protects the skin against external irritants and strengthens the skin barrier to keep it in good condition. Moreover, the luxurious base note of neroli oil, also known as the oil that was much loved by the royal family, helps ease tension and refresh the skin. HERA's special and first "Air-Light Spray" evenly, lightly and thoroughly spritzes moisture as light as air over the skin to form a protective coat on the skin's surface and fill it with moisture without irritation, so that the skin becomes filled and plumped up with moisture from inside. It can be used on all skin types, both before and after makeup. HERA RELAXING FACIAL MIST, portable beauty item essential for the skin anywhere and anytime is available through HERA counters in department stores around Korea from May 2016. Description HERA RELAXING FACIAL MIST [Size: 75 ml / Price: KRW 60,000+] A relaxing facial mist that refreshes and revitalizes the skin for healthy and fresh looking SEOULISTA skin, anywhere and anytime



In May 2016, a new upgraded version of the K-beauty legend HERA UV MIST CUSHION was launched to give more perfect, glowing and plumped skin. With one sold every two seconds, HERA UV MIST CUSHION brought about a craze for the cushion foundation. It's now evolved to offer a perfectly blendable formula for dewy and plumped skin. .btn.small {height:20px; padding:7px 24px 0; border-color:#373737;background-color:#373737; font-size:12px; color:#fff;} .btn.small:hover{border-color:#191919;background-color:#191919;border-radius:40px; color:#fff;} .detail-list h4{margin-bottom:0;} .detail-list .pro-tit{font-size:13px; color:#757575;} @media only all and (max-width:640px){ .detail-list li{padding-bottom:1em;} } NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION seamlessly blends in the skin, filling it with moisture and plumping it up to make it appear more youthful and glowing with dewiness. The Hyper Tonic Radiance™ (osmotic pressure) technology applied to advanced Mineral Clay Water EX is enhanced with high molecular moisturizing ingredients to bring moisture up to the skin's surface, while Ultra Micro Dispersion technology ensures the thorough and smooth application of the skincare formula with lightweight coverage. NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION COVER (SPF 50+ / PA+++) has AMOREPACIFIC's original innovative post-on powder that seamlessly blends into the skin to perfectly cover it up with a single touch. Enriched Blooming Oil gives skin a healthy glow. NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION NUDE (SPF50+ / PA+++) has Light Touch Powder coated with skin-friendly amino acids to make it feel light on the skin while still bringing out the skin's natural glow, while advanced Water Trap technology keeps the skin moisturized after application. Last but not least, the simple and flat modern package is a harmony of elegant purple and pure white that makes it truly stand out. The careful consideration taken when coating the top of the puff to keep it from getting dirty is what makes NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION even more special. Moreover, NEW UV MIST CUSHION COVER comes in two bright shades for your wide choice. NEW HERA UV MIST CUSHION for the pride of your glowing, plumped skin is available at HERA kiosks in department stores nationwide from May. Description HERA UV MIST CUSHION COVER (SPF50+ / PA+++) [Size: 15g x 2 / Price: KRW 47,000+] -C13 IVORY COVER, C17 ROSE VANILLA COVER, C21 VANILLA COVER, C23 BEIGE COVER A cushion foundation that gives a dewy glow to create flawless plumped skin that glows with dewiness Go to the product page HERA UV MIST CUSHION NUDE (SPF34 / PA++) [Size: 15g x 2 / Price: KRW 47,000+] - NO.13 IVORY, NO.21 VANILLA, NO.23 BEIGE, NO.25 AMBER A cushion foundation that lightly and seamlessly blends in the skin to create youthfully bright, glowing skin Go to the product page


The insider scoop on F/W makeup from backstage

2016 HERA Seoul Fashion Week with AMOREPACIFIC Corporation's brand HERA as title sponsor culminated in success. Fashion Week began with the launch event of HERA X NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD collection on March 21, the eve of the opening and lasted until March 26 at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), Seoul. This year again, HERA officially sponsored the Fashion Week after it became the first title sponsor last year. HERA gave a preview of F/W beauty trends through backstage makeup for 65 brands participating in 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week. The keywords for F/W makeup are clean, younger-looking skin with enhanced natural glow of the skin with strobing and burgundy red lips. Instead of giving too much shine, strobing builds a natural glow to evenly cover up Korean skin's yellow undertone. It creates perfect skin that looks as flawless as porcelain. The lip makeup trend is burgundy as seen on almost all runways. But, this time, matte finish burgundy is full on the lips without gradation. Perfect 2016 F/W makeup is for flawlessly smooth skin, bold lips, soft shade on both eyes and cheeks for minimal look and the textured eye brows. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} "2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week showed that it's the season for powdery finish, light base makeup. The pushBUTTON and NOHKE shows presented an intense and yet feminine look with clean, flawless skin and full burgundy lips", said HERA senior makeup artist Lee Jin-soo. "Together with Korean designers who are now taking center stage in the fashion world, we showed the beauty of Seoul women through many different looks. It was great and rewarding work." HERA was highly praised for expressing the individuality of all 65 designers while at the same time bringing out the beauty of Korean women through the 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week. With the Korean Wave now sweeping through the world, the winning combination of HERA for K-beauty and Seoul Fashion Week for K-fashion is expected to create greater consumer impact. HERA beauty items used for backstage makeup at the 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week CELL ESSENCE [Size: 150 ml, Price: KRW 60,000+] An essence delivering moisture deep into the skin to prevent Skin Desertification™, which is the main cause of aging skin. This water-type essence mimics body fluid to fill the skin with energy. It removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, improves skin tone and texture and keeps the skin in a good pH balance for clean, clear and bright dewy skin when used at the first step of a basic skincare routine. SUN MATE ESSENCE GEL [Size: 50 ml, Price: KRW 38,000+] A gel-type sun block that feels and applies like a moisturizing essence. Although primarily a sun block, it can also be used as a makeup base after skincare as it keeps the skin moisturized for a long time by enhancing the skin's natural glow and prepping it to take makeup well. HERA X NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD UV MIST CUSHION [Size: 15 g x2 (including the refill), Price: KRW 45,000+] The key to natural, dewy, glowing skin and the No.1 cushion compact – with one sold every two seconds. This smart cushion combines mist, foundation, sun block, whitening and cooling for quick makeup. This April, collaboration with British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood offered a new and energetic feminine SEOULISTA look. SHEER FLUID FOUNDATION [Size: 30 ml, Price: KRW 45,000+] A foundation with featherlight texture for exquisitely refined smooth skin. The super light formula is so light that it feels like nothing is applied, but perfectly covers up skin imperfections even with a small amount to create smooth, flawless skin. ROUGE HOLIC [Size: 3 g, Price: KRW 35,000+] A lipstick with a wide spectrum of colors inspired by SEOULISTA, who holds a fascination for women all around the world. It comes in two types: GLOW with a moist, sleek finish and SILK with a light texture and bold colors for different makeup looks. The colors from HERA Seoul Fashion Week are ROUGE HOLIC SILK No.367 REAL WINE and HERA X NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD ROUGE HOLIC NO.455 HIPPIE BROWN.


2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week

2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week takes place at DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), officially sponsored by HERA (AMOREPACIFIC Corporation's brand) once again after it became the first title sponsor in the Fashion Week's 15-year history last year. Getting the world's spotlight, 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week will begin with the eve event on March 21st and will be held for 6 days until the 26th. During 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week, HERA will promote K-Beauty through various marketing events and lead the next global beauty trend through directing backstage makeup for 65 brands participating in Seoul Fashion Week (total 38 Seoul Collection brands and 27 Generation Next brands). HERA especially will be on hand to celebrate the eve of 2016 F/W HERA Seoul Fashion Week with the launch of 'HERA x NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD' Collection- a collaboration project with British high-end shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood – The launch of this collection will be celebrated in the presence of top Korean celebrities, including Han Chae-young and Min Hyo-rin, as well as international press, fashionistas, and beauty creators. Continuing the annual sensational collaboration with global fashion brands, HERA will once again symbolize fascinating SEOULISTA with this limited edition collection, including steady seller such as UV MIST CUSHION and ROUGE HOLIC, in dynamic, bold and splendid patterns inspired by fascinating SEOULISTA. HERA will also host various events to enhance the Seoul Fashion Week experience. One of the events is taking a selfie in front of the HERA photo wall and uploading on social media with hashtags such as #SEOULISTA, HERA_Seoul_Fashion_Week, for a chance to win HERA gift sets and event coupons. As a leader of K-beauty, HERA has named the new style icons SEOULISTA and is at the forefront of promoting SEOULISTA beauty worldwide, starting with the 2016 S/S HERA Seoul Fashion Week last October. Go to HERA Seoul Fashion Week website



Comprehensive Air-quality Index (CAI) scores have been a mainstay of weather forecasts since forever. CAI scores reflect levels of noxious materials in the air, including particulate matter, ozone and carbon monoxide. At levels above 100, you need to be extra cautious when going outside. Particulate matter can cause damage to the skin within 24 hours of exposure. What the skin really needs is a shield to protect it. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} span{font-size:12px} HERA introduces SUN MATE PROTECTOR, a triple-function suncare product for UV protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle. It not only protects the skin against UV rays and harmful environmental factors, but also keeps the skin younger when applied. The key feature of HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR is its C.U.T. System (Control of UV Trap). With the powerful protection of SPF50+ and PA+++ and anti-oxidative Anti-R Complex, it effectively alleviates *TrapR™ in the skin to make the skin younger and healthier. (*TrapR™: an element which makes the skin weak and tired under the influence of UV rays, stress and environmental irritants) SUN MATE PROTECTOR contains an extract of Water Hyacinth, an aquatic vascular plant that's effective in purifying the skin. It protects the skin against external irritants as well as particulate matter, while also strengthening the natural defensive power of the skin. In addition, its light glide-on texture is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving an unnecessary oily feel and its gorgeous color creates a luminous even-toned skin. Not to mention, it has a refreshing yet elegant scent of hyacinth that the old SUN MATE did not have. This summer, SUN MATE PROTECTOR will make your city life a lot better. Enjoy Your City! HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR will be available at HERA stores around Korea and online from March. Full description HERA SUN MATE PROTECTOR (SPF50+ / PA+++) [Size: 50ml / Price: KRW 38,000+] 자A daily sun protector that's combined with a makeup base to thoroughly protect the skin against UV rays and environmental irritants in the city to keep the skin looking young and healthy. A triple-function product effective in blocking UV rays, whitening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


The new key to strong skin vitality, SIGNIA AMPOULE

In January 2016, HERA SIGNIA brings its own unique signature story to life with the new HERA SIGNIA AMPOULE that provides enhanced vital power. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} This new HERA SIGNIA AMPOULE focuses on the powerful vital energy of narcissus collecting energy during the night. The skin produces antioxidants at night to alleviate the signs of skin aging formed in the daytime. Plus, a sound sleep brings essential beauty benefits of purifying and detoxifying the skin for youthful and beautiful skin. Inspired by this insight, HERA applied Stem-Cord Night™ technology which creates an environment for the skin's sound sleep to SIGNIA AMPOULE to deliver intensive anti-aging effect during the night. And, moreover, it protects the skin against stress, UV rays and external irritants during the day to offer total anti-aging care tuned to the skin's natural biorhythm. HERA's 4-week total anti-aging ampoule program transforms the skin for a whole new powerful beauty. HERA's first dual liquid-ampoule formula is designed to break the internal phase (i.e. highly nourishing antioxidant EAE) at the core right before use and mix it with the external phase of five million narcissus stem cells to provide more intensive care within a short period of time. Glutathione is added here to energize the skin and improve its antioxidant action for total anti-aging effect. Its non-sticky texture deeply penetrates the skin and keeps it moist and smooth for a long time, taking the health and beauty of your skin to a whole new level. This product is designed to be used after toner in the morning and evening: pump it 3-4 times, put a small amount on the cheeks, chin and forehead and then gently spread over the face outward from the center. Combine it with a double massage for special care that can boost the anti-aging effect. . Product description HERA SIGNIA AMPOULE [10.2 g x4 / KRW 250,000+] 4-week total anti-aging ampoule program offers the essence of narcissus's vital power for firm and supple skin with youthfulness from within. Five million narcissus stem cells (twice more amount than SIGNIA CREAM and SIGNIA SERUM have), antioxidant EAE and glutathione work together to treat skin problems overnight and provide a total anti-aging effect to recover the skin's youthful look.


2016 S/S HERA Seoul Fashion Week ends in success

The 2016 S/S HERA Seoul Fashion Week has ended in great success. Officially sponsored by HERA for the first time in its 15 years of history, the HERA Seoul Fashion Week lasted from the party on October 15 celebrating the eve of the opening, through to October 21, 2015 in DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), capturing international headlines in the process. Major players in the fashion world attended, including editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia and W Magazine, Dutch fashion magazine Fantastic Man, world-famous fashion journalist Suzy Menkes and well-known fashion blogger Susie Bubble. HERA directed makeup backstage for about 60 brand designers taking part at the HERA Seoul Fashion Week and won praise for showcasing fashion-forward beauty trends. Plus, HERA attracted the attention of fashionistas with the #SEOULISTA Social Media Photo Event at the HERA booth during the Fashion Week. The event encouraged visitors to take a selfie in all corners of the scene and post it to their social media pages using hashtags including #SEOULISTA, #HERA and #HERASeoulFashionWeek, with a large number of visitors taking part in the event. Meanwhile, 10 designers chosen as Seoul's 10 Soul for their global competencies were a finale fitting for HERA Seoul Fashion Week with HERA SEOULISTA Collection showing the beauty of SEOULISTA, HERA’s style icon. Seohyun, a member of Girl's Generation, and Sunmi from girl group Wonder Girls, were in the audience for the event, while foreign buyers and celebrities said after the show that they were impressed with the fast growth of Korean fashion and beauty industry and that the beauty brand HERA gave them a greater appreciation of the beauty of Korean women. Beginning in 2000, Seoul Fashion Week has grown with the Korean fashion industry. It is held twice a year – Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter – and maintains its presence as the leading fashion show for top class designers and a tremendous business event for cutting-edge fashion designers in Korea.


HERA releases M&D collaboration

In October 2015, HERA unveils the M&D collaboration born from joint work with the hottest fashion designers, Mirko Fontana & Diego Marquez, who are famous for their collections of witty objets and innovative use of digital printing technique. HERA has been much loved through its special collaboration with fashion designers, including Au Jour Le Jour Collection in April 2014 and Olympia Le-Tan Collection in April 2015. This season, HERA joins hands with Italian fashion designers Mirko Fontana & Diego Marquez, who are known the world over for their passionate and unique approach. This HERA M&D Collaboration is particularly well translated into the travel diary of SEOULISTA and her cosmetics. Customers will be fascinated by the way the best-selling items of HERA capture the feeling of SEOULISTA meeting with global friends on her travels around Milan, Shanghai, New York, Paris and Seoul in a unique and witty style. M&D Collaboration in fun and colorful design includes the first ever skincare collaboration, PURIFYING CLEANSING OIL, as well as HERA's best-selling items – UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE, ROUGE HOLIC, MAGIC STARTER, FACE DESIGNING BLUSHER and NAIL ENAMEL COLOR – as well as the new PICTURE PERFECT EYE PALETTE and PLUMP COLOR DIARY, comprising a selection of lip & eye sticks. Packed with the youthful inspiration of famous fashion designers and the unique charms of HERA, this HERA M&D Collaboration will go beyond mere cosmetic appeal to bring a sense of fun to women. Product description HERA M&D Collaboration PURIFYING CLEANSING OIL [Size: 400 ml, Price: KRW 55,000+] A refreshing all-in-one cleansing oil for bright skin tone HERA M&D Collaboration UV MIST CUSHION ULTRA MOISTURE [Size: 15 g*2, Price: KRW 48,000+] An intense hydration Cushion that soothes flaky skins, keeping it moisturized and smooth for a long timeIt comes in two shades: No.21 COOL VANILLA and No.23 COOL BEIGE. HERA M&D Collaboration ROUGE HOLIC [Size: 3.3 g, Price: KRW 35,000+] A fascinating full-color lipstick that offers sensual colors and a melt-in texture for more beautiful, vibrant looking lips344It comes in three colors: No.344 YUYU RED, No.193 AMELI PURPLE and No.148 SEINA PINK, which is the main color. HERA M&D Collaboration PICTURE PERFECT EYE PALETTE [Size: 1.5 g*3 colors + 1 g*2 colors, Price: KRW 78,000+] Eye shadow palette in unique mobile-like caseA selection of eye shadow combos featuring luxuriant texture for alluring eye makeup HERA M&D Collaboration PLUMP COLOR DIARY [Size: eye shadow stick 1.5 g*2 colors + lipstick 2 g*2 colors, Price: KRW 78,000+] A combination of lip & eye sticks offering rich and sensual colors and melt-in blendable texture to give beautiful lips and eyes HERA M&D Collaboration MAGIC STARTER [Size: 50 ml, Price: KRW 45,000+] - No.2 INNER GLOW - NO.3 BLOOMING MOISTURE (SPF25 / PA++) An all-in-one start cream that delivers moisture deep into the skin to create a smooth, moisturized complexion and help makeup stay in place for longer HERA M&D Collaboration FACE DESIGNING BLUSHER PINK AIR BALLOON [Size: 10 ml, Price: KRW 45,000+] A multi-use blusher (highlighter and blusher) that provides rich, full color with delicate exquisite pearls to add dimension and color to the face HERA M&D Collaboration NAIL ENAMEL COLOR [Size: 10 ml, Price: KRW 20,000+] A long-lasting nail polish providing rich, dazzling color and high glossIt comes in three colors: No.145 GORGEOUS PINK, No.342 RED CLUTCH and No.450 GOLD BRACELET for various looks.

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