Successful brand launch event in China

HERA marked the beginning of its global expansion with a successful brand launch event in China on July 15. Over 250 guests including brand model Jun Ji-hyun, members of the Chinese mainstream media and VIPs came to the launch event held at Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing to celebrate HERA's global debut. A video of HERA's best-selling products such as CELL ESSENCE and UV MIST CUSHION along with a performance portraying SEOULISTA, the muse for HERA, drew admiration from guests. Jun Ji-hyun took center stage through a flurry of flashlights as she appeared from behind the screen while the brand movie was being shown. "I am glad to be here at an event to celebrate the launch of HERA in China. I hope that the beauty of Korean women spreads across the whole world through HERA", said Jun Ji-hyun. HERA's high sales record was also remarkable, proving its great popularity in China. According to SKP officials, HERA's first Chinese store in SKP ranks top for sales among all cosmetics brands available in SKP on July 16. Its remarkable sales performance follows the brand launch event. SKP has never seen a new brand taking the No.1 spot in sales so soon, noting that this was a great example of HERA's power and the real presence of K-beauty. Starting with renowned SKP and Hanguang Department Store in Beijing, China in July, HERA will open stores in luxury department stores in China to lead Asian beauty trends as a global beauty brand representing Asia with its own innovative products for youthful flawless skin, including UV MIST CUSHION, ROUGE HOLIC and CELL ESSENCE. HERA's muse - SEOULISTA Korean women fascinate the world with confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty; SEOULISTA is a new future beauty icon, rivalling Parisienne and New Yorker. SEOULISTA is a muse that embodies HERA's Exceptional Beauty from Seoul. She is a beautiful representation of Korea and a beauty icon that creates and fosters a differentiated culture of beauty, which goes beyond beauty brands. HERA delivers the special beauty and value of K-beauty around the world through SEOULISTA.



HERA releases UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT in July 2016 for skin that stays fresh, soft and matt all day long, even in the middle of hot summer. On the hot and humid days of summer, women wish for one thing above all: perfect base makeup that lasts long in hot and muggy weather. Newly advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT uses Slip-on Skin Smoothing Powder which has a lower slip coefficient and a highly blendable formula to provide smooth, yet thorough coverage of the pores without giving a stuffy feeling. Silicone Elastomer smoothens the skin's surface, just like a primer does. Another feature is its long wear and sebum control effects for fresh, matt skin in the scorching heat. Sweat Proof System coats the skin with a flexible, yet firm film to ensure long lasting makeup, while Micro Matt Finish Powder effectively absorbs sweat and sebum to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed after application. Natural aloe vera extract provides an instant cooling and soothing effect, making it perfect to use in the summer heat. Boost your skin confidence with advanced HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT, the new summer essential for keeping your skin fresh and soft all day long in the sweltering summer heat. New HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT will be available at HERA counters in department stores nationwide from July. Product description HERA UV MIST CUSHION LONG STAY MATT SPF50+ / PA+++ [functional product for brightening / UV protection, Size: 15g*2 / Price: KRW 50,000+] - NO.13 IVORY, NO.17 ROSE VANILLA, NO.21 VANILLA and NO.23 BEIGE A summer cushion foundation for skin that stays soft, fresh and matt all day long even in hot and humid weather


HERA steps into the Chinese luxury beauty market

HERA, acknowledged as a K-beauty leader, made its debut in the Chinese market on July 1 with the opening of its first store in luxury SKP in Beijing, China. HERA has been much loved around the world for its advanced technology and its forward-thinking ideas since its launch in 1995. It now takes center stage as the brand leading the K-beauty trend. China is a gateway to the global market for HERA as it works to spread the passion and distinguishing beauty of Korean women across the globe through SEOULISTA. HERA has already proved its high popularity in the Great China Region with a global DFS popup store launched in Hong Kong last August that expanded into four full-time stores in April 2016. Chinese customers account for 67% of HERA's customers in duty free shops, while its sales in the TR channel in 2015 grew more than 50% over last year. HERA UV MIST CUSHION is riding high in China with over 160,000 views as a single item on one of China's largest online platforms, Taobao. b.uline{border-bottom:1px solid #989898} HERA's debut in China is expected to spread the beauty and value of Korean women among Chinese customers who are highly interested in Korean beauty techniques and cosmetics, while also helping the brand position itself as a global K-beauty leader representing Seoul and Korea. It will introduce its best sellers, including UV MIST CUSHION which is a cushion foundation that's become a sales sensation with one sold every two seconds in Korea, as well as ROUGE HOLIC that offers colors best for Asian women to create and define beauty trends across Asia. "In pursuit of the ultimate beauty of Korean women, HERA has created its original high-end culture inspired by SEOULISTA to lead K-beauty," said Lee Eun-im, the head of HERA Division. "We believe that our value will surely impress Chinese customers. Our innovative products for Korean women's bright flawless younger-looking skin are set to strengthen our presence as a global beauty brand representing Asia in the Chinese market." HERA will open eight stores in upscale department stores situated in large cities in China. Starting with the first store in SKP in Beijing, China on July 1, the second store will open in Hanguang Department Store on July 28 and six more stores will follow by the end of this year. At the same time, HERA will open a brand website for Chinese customers as part of omni-channel strategy to improve the brand's accessibility both online and offline. The main products of HERA perfect the beauty of SEOULISTA UV MIST CUSHION SPF 50+ / PA+++ [Size: 15g*2 (including refill) / Price: KRW 47,000+] This smart convenient beauty item is essential for SEOULISTA, who boasts skin that glows with dewiness. It lasts up to 12 hours even on hot, humid summer days, providing effective protection against UV rays, as well as brightening effect and rich moisture with a cooling sensation. ROUGE HOLIC [Size: 3g / Price: KRW 35,000+] ROUGH HOLIC with 24 sensual colors, melt-in texture and moisturizing effect is suggestive of SEOULISTA giving inspiration with her brilliant sense of beauty and trend-setting nature. CELL ESSENCE [Size: 150ml / Price: KRW 60,000+] HERA has studied cellular activities and bioactive substances with the belief that the origin of beauty runs in the same vein as the origin of life and the representative outcome of its research is Cell-Bio™ technology. Cell-Bio™ technology is a revolutionary idea that gives a boost to cellular activities with cell-mimicking ingredients to improve the skin and it is applied to HERA CELL ESSENCE and CELL-BIO CREAM. CELL ESSENCE is especially the key to SEOULISTA's youthful bright skin and one of HERA's main skincare items preventing desertification of skin, which accelerates the aging of the skin. HERA's muse - SEOULISTA Who is SEOULISTA? Beauty standards have changed with time, but there has always been an inspiring icon representing the beauty of the day – Parisienne with her free spirit and true sense of art, New Yorker in search of modern pragmatism and Londoner swinging between tradition and funk. Alongside such global icons, a new ultimate beauty icon has emerged. She is more confident and passionate than women around the world. She is a fashionable trend leader who values inner beauty. She is an icon representing the beauty of Asian women and a muse for HERA. She is SEOULISTA. About SEOULISTA SEOULISTA is a Korean woman who stands alongside global trend leaders – Parisienne, New Yorker and Londoner – spreading Korean beauty across the world beyond Asia. The term SEOULISTA was first introduced by HERA and refers to trend-leading Korean women recognized worldwide for their passion and distinguishing beauty.