About HERA

Skin Science from mizium

MIZIUM (美智um) is where the science of HERA is born. Designed by the world-famous architect Álvaro Siza, AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center hailed MIZIUM as the epitome of AMOREPACIFIC ethical approach to culture and art. The science of beauty at HERA is created at MIZIUM, whose inspiring and engaging working environment answers the cultural and emotional needs of its researchers.

Cells have a perfect structure

The structure of a cell is perfect and highly stable, as befits the essence of life. With its beauty philosophy that beauty and life are sprung from the same source, HERA was founded in 1995 to embrace the essence of skin science after 30 years of research into cell activities and bioactive substances.
HERA has since predicted and brought about new changes through greater convergence between beauty technologies and a broad array of research designed to know more about the skin. The history of HERA's innovative cell science has been made through developing leading-edge technologies that examine the skin cells, as it is these cells that form the basis of everything.

Cell-Bio™, the advanced skin technology ahead of our time

Through the study of cells, which are the basis of skin biology, HERA has perfected Cell-Bio Technology, which works like magic on the skin by simulating ingredients similar to the skin for greater assimilation. Starting with the cell activation and promoting communication between cells, HERA has brought about innovations like the world's first cell-mimicking substance and the revolutionary Cell-Bio Technology. HERA's skin vitalizing care with Cell-Bio Technology makes skin beautiful, young-looking and bright for skin that appears ageless and full of vitality.

HERA, a beauty solution that represents the beauty of Asia

HERA has developed special products that work best for different skin concerns through a dynamic skin-vitalizing effect based on innovative cell science. HERA is a total beauty brand that treats women’s different skin concerns, including skin dryness, dullness, sebum, pores, whitening, resilience and wrinkles with CELL ESSENCE, CELL-BIO CREAM, WHITE PROGRAM BIOGENIC EFFECTOR and AGE AWAY MODIFIER – all of which contains the essence of cell science.